what we do in life echo's in eternity

18 from the UK currently at uni in leeds

it can be hard to bite your tongue, especially when you have something to say, but just remember every work you make them speak is a work that can be used against them 

Define love!

Dr. Seuss once said that ‘you know your in love when you can’t sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams’ for me love is when you come home from work and want to sleep on the sofa because without the person you love in your bed it’s just too lonely.

Falling in love

The moment I fell In love, I was stood in the middle of a dance studio, with my hands on the waist of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met with ‘holding out for a hero’ playing as I looked into her eyes

“Hope is the greatest gift that you can give to someone”

“No matter how bad yesterday was, tomorrow can always be better.”

—   Michael old

“Your only young once, your immature your whole life”

—   Charles Barkley
Posterising in NBA2K13

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“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

—   Oscar Wilde
Kiev, 2014. A country at war, a people wanting liberation. This is our time, our generation. Lets do what is right and fight

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now she is beautiful!

now she is beautiful!

“come as you are,
as you were,
as i want you to be.”

—   nirvana - come as you are